UB-25水米健康活性皂(Health Active Soap)

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We established in 2004 in Tainan,Taiwan,Our purpose is to provide unique products to meet your purpose.

We owned a factory and a special lab. to test and to develop good products for you. Most of our products are clinical approved, and we guaranteed it.

Sumi potato soap

1、Properties:(Mimicto human sebaceous)

Themain material mimic to human sebaceous lipids (home made UB-25), it compatiblemost with the human skin, with excellent emollient and moisturized activities.Good for damaged and dry skin.

2、Characters:(Eachsoap is the only one)

Everysingle soap was potato-like shaped by hand, one by one, and each soap has a uniqueID., it is the best and the only one. Itis not an industrial chopped square soap, it ensure customers to get a genuine handmadesoap, best quality and safe.

3、Whyquality TOP!
Each soap is made from food grade materials. The original base is so good, any extraadditives are unnecessary. We are theonly one, dares to shape soaps one by one, by naked hand. The more touched on our soap the better skin.The top quality, we prove it by hands..

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